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Lago – Brand history

The history of LAGO dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, when Policarpo Lago began its career as a craftsman of wood in noble villas and Venetian churches. The next generation continued the tradition, launching the production of double bedrooms and, later, furniture for entrances. In the 1980s, his heirs decided it was time to focus on living room and bedroom furniture.

Lago - Italian Design and Innovation

Lago – Italian Design and Innovation

Lago, an innovative brand in the world of Italian design. It has a broad vision of design as a discipline that produces not only products but also meanings, able to propose new visions and new life models. If a person spends most of his time in higher quality environments, the quality of his life will also be improved.

Simplicity in form – ample possibilities for customization through color and modularity; quality materials combined with the skill of the craftsman: these are the elements that make a Lago product immediately recognizable.

Lago products are born from a constant innovation and research, but also from dedication and workmanship, elements that express the legacy of experience and passion built over time by a company dedicated to creating furniture on a daily basis. designed to withstand.

This is the vision of design that inspires Lago and can be summarized in the concept of “Inner Life”, an expression that indicates both our inner life, which means the emotional sphere of each of us, and the life of the interior, which is the life we ​​lead in offices, houses, hotels, hospitals and schools; spaces that must be planned with a design that makes us feel good.

Lago - Ronchi È Abitare

Lago – Ronchi È Abitare

The strength of LAGO design is rooted in simplicity. Ronchi È Abitare has decided to integrate the brand of Lago with its clean lines and the modularity that characterizes the brand, elements that allow products with an Italian label to fit harmoniously into countless different settings and styles.