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Interior Architecture



Via Alessandro Manzoni 21 20052 Monza MB
TEL. +39.039.388878

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Via Andrea Appiani, 18 20900 Monza MB

TEL. +39.039.388831

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Viale Ercole Marelli, 321 20099 Sesto San Giovanni
TEL. +39.02.26225041

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Armchair Frau Store

At Ronchi è Abitare you can find all the products Armchair Frau , visit the section dedicated to Armchair Frau , find a store dedicated exclusively to Armchair Frau .

Specialized Kitchens Center

The elegant and modern kitchens are the most important Boffi's speciality; come and touch it by your hand in our showroom .

Varenna Poliform

At Ronchi è Abitare, Poliform is home, discover all the latest information on new collections for the kitchen .

Flou Beds, Armchair and Wardrobe

Bliss Flou



Ronchi è Abitare is avaliable worldwide!

Ronchi è Abitare provides anywhere in the world , for us the design has no boundaries , by land by sea by air, ship furniture quality wherever you are.

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